“Where do you get your data?”

We’ve been asked this question countless times. The subtext of the question usually is, “why haven’t we learned ‘this,’ been told ‘this,’ or discovered ‘this’ insight before?” The question is a compliment. All insights need data but sourcing right and relevant data is time-consuming.

So where do we get our data? Availability isn’t the issue; complexity is. With numerous government agencies producing daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual data sets, it is no wonder most government-generated data goes underutilized. The cost to wonder, to be curious, to explore is measured in time and who has any extra time on their hands these days?


The origin of this platform was born out of our own needs as advisors and researchers. We were looking for ways to repurpose hundreds of hours in our own business. Said simply, we wanted to spend less time updating data and more time analyzing data. In pursuing efficiency, we discovered we could collect significantly more data sets by building automations. More data, better analysis.

But we didn't stop there. Once we realized we could collect and automatically update hundreds of thousands of data sets, we searched for faster ways to diagnose which data sets were more relevant than others in our analysis and research. In pursuing relevancy, we discovered we could run correlations across thousands of potential economic data sets with just a few clicks. Relevant data, better analysis.

Introducing DISTILL IQ, an analytics platform for data-driven professionals seeking efficiency and effectiveness in diagnosing the data sets that matter most to their business. Through proprietary programming, we’ve conveniently aggregated more than 750 thousand disparate data series ready to calculate correlations across nearly 100 million data points with just a few clicks. With DISTILL IQ, decision makers can quickly assess which economic metrics matter most to their business. Better analysis, wiser decisions.


DISTILL helps c-suite executives and board directors explore the unconsidered with respect to the consumer, the economy, and the competitive landscape for retail and e-commerce. Advisory services incorporate bespoke partnerships with CEOs and CFOs to help form strategies through a priorities- and insights-driven process. For boards, DISTILL is called on to serve as an independent expert for sector education.