DISTILL IQ collects data from publicly available data sources. All sources are cited and noted in each the Lab Report, Dashboard, and Search functions of DISTILL IQ. Future releases will include expansions in data sources and data sets.


DISTILL IQ makes searching easy. DISTILL IQ incorporates standard NAICS classifications when available and categorizes data series as close to the intended NAICS classification as possible when NAICS is unavailable. This way, users can search by category (for example, "construction") or by consumer demographic (for example, "women aged 25 to 34") without needing to know which agency reports which data set by category or consumer demographic.


DISTILL IQ Lab Report correlates data uploaded by users with the DISTILL IQ database through a process involving algorithms and AI. The end result is a report that lists the most relevant correlation statistics based on user data and the selected data to calculate from. The correlation process utilizes Pearson's correlation coefficient formula to calculate how linearly correlated two sets of data are.


DISTILL IQ Dashboard is an environment in the web browser that enables users to play around with data correlations in a way that produces useful diagnostics. It also utilizes Pearson's correlation coefficient formula. The Dashboard is linked directly to a user's account with an option to save selected search queries for convenience in data analysis.


DISTILL IQ Search connects users to the DISTILL IQ database through a text-based AI system trained to understand search keywords not by characters, as is understood by legacy search engines, but by nuanced contexts in relation to the patterns of the English language.